The Office ( a.k.a The Security Office ) is the main location in Five nights in anime, where the Security Guard starts his night shift.


The office is a small room with two doors and two windows.There two buttons for each door, one for lights and other for closing and opening the door.The room is blue with a wooden line at bottom. at the top, there a ceiling lamp between the white stars.

In front of player, there is a desk with three monitors. Each monitor shows a anime character. In the middle , there is a red square light that did nothing until v.5. The vent door button is the red light. this button will close the vent door that is above the office but, can't be seen.

At the wall, there is three posters, One of them is a (Fan Game) poster that has Freddy,Bonnie and,Chica in it and the second is The Rules,and the last one is the Show List.

At top right there is the night number and the timer (it starts at 12 am and it ends at 6 am).At bottom left there is the power(starts at 100%) and outage(how much power is being used).At top left there is (mute call) buttom(if player wants to skip Phone Guy's call in the night).

When power is off,the office becomes dark and the doors and vent door opens, and the monitor at the desk turns off.

Trivia Edit

  • If player clicks Freddy's nose in (Fan Game) poster, a honk sound will play which references the Easter egg of Five nights at Freddy's.
  • The Show List show: Fazbear fever, Cupcake Challenge, Foxy Foxy, Ladies Night and, Night of Misfits. They are a reference to Five nights at Freddy's 2 Custom Night modes.
  • The Rules poster would be in the east hall, however there no hallucinations in game, so Mairusu put the poster in the Office.

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